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Citydesk Communications LLP manages the www.propunjabtv.com website and APP
Pro Punjab Tv is a renowned Punjabi News Portal lead by Senior Journalist Yadwinder Singh. Pro Punjab is an emerging Indian news and media conglomerate. 
Pro Punjab Tv is currently available on digital platforms such as Facebook , youtube, IPTV, twitter, instagram, website and app. The Pro Punjab Tv app offers news and live TV in punjabi, English languages. The app allows you to select the language of your choice.
Pro Punjab Tv offers you a personalized news experience, based on your interests. Select the categories of news you are interested in, and find a personalized feed of curated news based on the categories you have selected. Pro Punjab Tv offers a wide range of news categories: Politics,Punjab, India, World,  Health & Fitness, Technology, Business, Gadgets, Sports, Religious, Auto, Lifestyle, Football, Cricket, Opinion, Entertainment.
The Pro Punjab Tv app brings you the latest news across text, photo and video formats. You can easily switch between reading the news and watching it live on television. If you see something you want to come back to, you can bookmark it and visit it later. You can save articles, photos and videos in your bookmarks. If you know you are going to have poor network connectivity, you can download articles, photos and videos to consume later in offline mode.
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Pro Punjab Tv is known for its high-quality journalism and is one of the top digital news destinations in Punjab. This also makes Pro Punjab Tv the default destination for any breaking news.
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• News: Politics,Punjab, India, Entertainment, Auto, Lifestyle, World, Health & Fitness, Football, Cricket, Opinion, Technology, Business, Gadgets, Sports